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All our clients have pretty different needs and requirements, and we understand that. Hence, we cater to all your needs with one simple approach ‘One size does not fit you all’. This is why we are able to cater to the diverse range of people around us.

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We will always make sure we fulfil all your needs and wants. We will make sure to stand by our words and deliver what you expect of us. We will give you clear and detailed timelines which will help you establish your business clearly with no added confusion and setbacks. You can also rely on us and take help of the extensive network of experts we have garnered to get your job right, every single time.

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Well, here you go!

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  • Faster and better results
  • Direct contacts with Governmental organisations


Home to around 3.2 billion people with a GDP of over $6.5 trillion, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East are coming together to host the first of its kind, 6 months long event – The Dubai Expo 2020. This move is not ajust going to focus on enhancing businesses and means to transact, but will help enhance their intercultural ties as well.

About 200 participants are coming together, from all corners of the globe, to celebrate diversity, success and trade advancements Dubai has to offer. The Expo is expected draw in about 25 million visitors during the course of six months.

The Expo event promises to enhance Dubai’s image as a global hub to transact and trade within its glory of modern day infrastructure.

“Dubai is the place to be!” And this expo will help promote the message.

Why should you set up your business in the UAE before the Dubai Expo 2020?

Dubai Expo 2020 is going to be a pivotal move for the whole economy. It is expected to boost not just trade and commerce but also the tourism sector, multifolds. The Government Organisations predict an increase of about $7 billion on the investment front with the onset of the Expo event. At the same time, there is going to be an increase in the employment generation sector.

Setting your foot, venturing into the world of business in the UAE before the Expo 2020 is going to give you the edge that you need. You are going to gain all kinds of advantages, on both, personal and professional front, if you are entering the market before the main event. Prices for commercial and residential properties are expected to increase as the event comes closer.

How can Impressive Companies Representation come of help in this scenario?

Impressive Companies Representation has been a premier name when it comes to the business set up services and consultancy services. We focus on you, no matter what time or day it is. You get our undivided attention. It is important that you choose us today so we can help transform your dream and your ambition into a reality.

As the event nears, the UAE Government is going to get busier by the day, which means longer waiting time, unexpected delays and distractions on various fronts. But no matter what happens, you are going to be our priority. We will help you get your work done in the fastest time possible. We will handle your visa, your licenses, your legal paperwork, and everything else for you. We will consult you and help you secure your position in the UAE with the help of our professional consultancy services, to get you all geared up for the main event!

We are the professionals you need!

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