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Branch Opening Services

Branch office represents the parent company with the same activity and same trade name where you can promote, market the parent company product and services and conduct the business activities in the local market to make the profit. It can be open both mainland and free zone as well. Opening branch offices are more convenient because the company can engage all the parent company activities to make the profit. To open the branch of UAE Company here, then the parent company must register as a Limited liability company. Sole establishment and civil company can’t make the branch office or rep office. In UAE, a Branch office can hold 100% ownership of the company; the local sponsor will remain as an agent. Agents are not involved in the day to day business operation, but they assist the visa process in labor and immigration department.

 A branch office refers to an offshoot of a parent company that is located abroad. The purpose of a branch office is to promote and market the products/services of the parent company, enter into transactions, finalize agreements in the name of the parent company, and offer services to its customers. It is not allowed to carry out any activities which its parent company is not permitted to. A branch office in Dubai is ideal for tightly regulated industries like Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI). Mentioned below are some of the documents needed while submitting an application to the Ministry of Economy for branch opening

Reserved name Documentary proof that a business name has been reserved for this new business enterprise.

Application Forms Registration and license processing.

Passport Copy Director’s passport copy.

NOC – No Objection Certificate from the parent company & power of attorney in the said director’s name.

Local Agent’s Documents Passport copy and naturalization book.

Parent Company’s Business Details Memorandum of Articles and Certificate of Incorporation.

Government Approval – For carrying out various trading activities.

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