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Local Sponsorship


Local sponsor’ is a general term used in the UAE to refer to local service agents and nominee shareholders (sleeping partners) in mainland companies with foreign investment. Starting a company in UAE and operating a business in the UAE Mainland area requires a local sponsor to be compulsorily appointed. When a foreign investor set up a business in UAE, the UAE legislation states that a local sponsor is appointed for representative dealings with the ministries and the government for getting the various paperwork done.

A local sponsor is an Emirati or a UAE national, who acts as your service agent for your business in the UAE and he usually acts as a sleeping partner of your company. Being a mandatory requirement, it’s a real, inevitable challenge for foreign investors to find the right local sponsor in UAE, appropriate for their line of business.

The CEO of Impressive Companies Representation is officially licensed to act as a local sponsor in the UAE and is probably the best choice when it comes to a reliable local partner. He belongs to one of the most respected families in the United Arab Emirates and he occupies a highly reputable position in the Abu Dhabi Government and as a modern local, he runs his own successful company and is also a local sponsor of several successful foreign companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Due to his excellent relations in various places, he can assist “his” companies and to open the right doors, if required. In principle, the local sponsor should be a “silent participant” who, of course, does not interfere with the business, capital or decisions of the company. Emirates Setup adheres strictly to this “unwritten law” and will never interfere with the business of its sponsored companies.

As you can see, the most important decision when setting up a business in the UAE is the choice of the right, trustworthy partner. Our sponsorship service does not end with the required signatures but goes far beyond that. Of course, only if you want us to.

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