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Expo 2020: A Game changer for Dubai​ ​


With a little over 9 months to go before the ‘world’s greatest show’ opens to all, residents across the UAE have been wondering how Expo 2020 Dubai will unfold. But one thing is clear, exciting changes are bound to take place. Scheduled to run between October 2020 and April 2021, this six-month-long exhibition will be based on the theme ‘Connecting minds, creating future’. For the first time, this will bring together the best of trade, innovation and products from all over the world to the United Arab Emirates. The theme itself shows how gigantic it is going to be. People looking for business setup in Dubai can take a lot of advantages from the exhibition this is because here they will get to meet and greet new people from different companies in the world. All of them will share their ideas and will offer the opportunities they have got. In this way, all the entrepreneurs looking for great opportunities will be able to find a way to business in a really easy manner.

The government has invested a substantial amount of money to ensure the Expo 2020 takes place without a glitch. At the same time, hosting an exhibition of this magnitude gives the UAE an unmatchable business opportunity to attract foreign investments and build its core economy rapidly by provoking them to incorporate a business in Dubai. Analysts believe that the expo will mainly benefit tourism, hospitality and infrastructure development. It is expected that this exhibition will yield a huge revenue of $24.2 billion which will play a very important role in the welfare of UAE. Besides the economic benefits, people are also looking forward to discovering how the Expo will change Dubai’s identity and boost its image as a global icon. There is a point of elation because Expo 2020 will open golden gates to many but it is also petrified due to the fact that mismanagement of the smallest level could leave hefty consequences. Let’s have a look at the areas where Dubai Expo 2020 is going to benefit.

World Expo puts a fast forward tab on the infrastructure of the host city. Shanghai, China that hosted Expo 2010 invested about $40 billion on its development which required 6 additional metro lines, roads, tunnels, bridges, and bolt rail. Dubai Expo 2020’s will put the same impact on its infrastructure. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, one of the top finance officials claims that at least $8 billion worth infrastructure will be required for the successful establishment of Expo 2020. The host site of Expo 2020, Jebel Ali is a 480-hectare space which will require new roads, metro extension, buildings, hotels and facilities to accommodate tourists. The predicted percentage of economic boost is said to be 6.4% from 2014 to 2016 every year. This means that the economy will get improved to 10% while we reach 2020. With an increase in the hotel business, transportations, communication, catering and facilities required in the making of Expo 2020, Dubai’s economy will experience a spike. The construction works that were stopped due to recession years, will find their way to completion as the economy will have enough to recover completely out of the burst. More flights into Dubai, more tourism, more retail and more transportation will lead to an increase in GDP, hence favoring the economic stability that Dubai has been starving for since 2008.

The foreign investment will also get increased due to the triumph of the exhibition. The expected foreign investment rate is said to be $150 billion. The expected foreign investment rate is especially for the sectors including real estate, tourism, and hospitality. Expo 2020 will bring a boom in the job market as it will need more hands for all the new construction projects, increased tourism and more transportation facilities. This is such a great time for those who are really serious about their passions and company formation in Dubai. For those, having issues regarding  Company setup in Dubai can always call for help. The legal representatives are always there to get assistance regarding the upcoming projects. Dubai is already considered a safe-haven because of its magnificent location and tourist attraction. With Expo 2020 coming home, Dubai will be splurged with tourists who would need accommodation. 71% of the 25 million visitors who are expected to visit Expo 2020 will be non-domestic visitors. Whenever the expos are organized, not just that there are a great number of investors hut also visitors. The expected number of visitors is 25 million. 17 million out of ten would be international as per the predictions. In this way, the tourism and the hospitality sector will be able to gain a huge accomplishment as the number of tourists will increase due to the exposition. The press media is now on its tiptoes to fetch every minor detail relating to Expo 2020. We can promise that the word “Expo 2020” will be the most occurring keyword in the many years to come. The impacts on Media are equally great. Almost every website will have articles, news, reports, and quotes relating to Expo 2020.

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